Waste Paper

HKP also specializes in International trading of various grades of waste paper & board. We have our warehouse facilities in Algeria and other countries. HKP offers our stock from multiple origin to International market as well as to local market. Our current shipment is being exported to India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Singapore and UAE. HKP buys any quantity of waste paper materials such as books, newspapers, tissues, magazines, etc. from the local market and stock it in local warehouse.

We have clean waste baling & collection in our own yards by sourcing internationally. Also, HKP is highly capable to trade waste paper grades i.e. OCC, NCC, POC, SOP, SWL, ONP, OINP, OMG, TISSUE PAPER, TEXT BOOKS etc.


We are sourcing and engaged in distribution of premium quality products both home and abroad. We delight ourselves in Efficient, Reliable and Prompt export and delivery services to all Buyers. Our greatest dream is to expand our market worldwide and because of that,we work day and night in order to provide our clients with the best which is our number one priority.

Sack Kraft

Kraft papers are widely used in packaging materials. HKP buys all kinds of Kraft paper like food and consumer goods paper sacks, paper grocery bags, envelope to name a few. We have placed an systematic method of recycling different types of Kraft paper in order to produce a new paper product.

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