We Are An emerging Maker Of High Quality Facial Tissue In Dubai

Facial Tissue in UAE

HKP Paper Solutions is a diverse company producing several finished products involving the use of paper based raw materials. In addition to supplying industries with paper products through our global network of warehouses and plants in the UAE, we are in the process of launching a brand of facial tissue in Dubai

The brand is going to come to UAE markets soon and has been named Al Karam facial tissue, planned to come in a range of different sizes. The differing specifications do not compromise on the softness and texture, or quality and durability. Each piece of tissue that you pick out of our boxes is two-ply and strong enough for daily use. Our boxes also come with different dispensing looks and aesthetically pleasing designs making them suitable for use for all kinds of occasions and purposes. You can pre-order this brand in any quantity you prefer through email, so get in touch with us to obtain the premium brand of facial tissue in Dubai now.

Facial Tissue In Dubai Is A High Growth Sector

As a globalized city which rapidly growing, the residents and community life require excessive and frequent use of facial tissue in Dubai. The use of facial tissue spikes especially during dry and dusty weather, which is often the case in UAE, because of the presence of deserts.

What Facial Tissue in Dubai Is Used For

  • Public events and interaction are a must if you want to enjoy the high life Dubai has to offer. As such, people in Dubai prioritize looking their best and keeping a tight watch on their hygiene needs, Which is why the use of facial tissue in Dubai is growing. Facial tissue has a big number of different uses:
  • Ordinary facial tissue, which is often shaped like handkerchiefs, used on the face owing to its gentle texture and absorption abilities.
  • Travelling with a cold and runny nose to be able to wipe away mucus and sore or watery eyes
  • Cleaning small cuts or abrasions from mucus or blood to make them dry for the application of ointment or topical medicines.
  • Wiping the hands after washing up in restrooms
  • Cleaning eye glasses to remove dust and moisture
  • Cleaning the inside of the windscreen to remove fogginess or smoke residue
  • For the prevention of multiple airborne diseases through the use of facial tissue in Dubai when one has to cough or sneeze. This not only prevents the spreading of germs, but is also considered polite especially when people are around.

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