Types Of Stocklot Paper In UAE HKP Paper Solutions specializes In

Stocklot Paper in UAE

HKP provides a range of options for the stocklot paper variety in UAE, thereby serving multiple industrial needs. These services and materials we provide can easily cater to the needs of any large business, which possible specializes in printing and coloring unconventional size of paper, which is derived from stocklot paper in UAE as a base material. We buy and sell cut-size and copier paper, provide large format sheets for businesses, and special packing for specific brands.

Applications Of Materials Made From Stocklot Paper In UAE

We buy and sell cut-size & copier paper which is used for photocopying, use with printers including deskjets and inkjets. Cut-size paper is basically a paper almost resembling the A4 paper size, made from stocklot paper in UAE, to be used for the daily documentation needs such as use with envelopes, photocopying, printing, labeling, and so on.

Another option we provide is large format sheets crafted from stocklot paper in UAE, which are mostly used for special applications. The regular sizes available can cater to household needs,but for use in backdrops, standies, posters and other such larger materials on which printing is done, a larger size is needed. We take care of these needs as well.

Another service we can provide to you using our handling experience in stocklot paper in UAE is supplying customized ream packing with a brand. This means your business does not have to add a different level into itself to address the branding need in terms of packaging. You can ask for the packaging to be branded according to your company needs, thereby making us an important supplier in different countries and markets.

Collecting Stocklot Paper In UAE From Multiple Stages In The Pipeline

Get in touch with us for your requirements of stocklot paper in UAE. Our presence and contact with a range of companies and mills enables us to stock and supply a variety of stocklots including high quality material which is in excess for your primary needs, and material that has been supplied but was rejected, which can then be used for secondary needs. The range of stocklot varieties includes:

  • stock lots themselves, large and wide thick sheets of paper mounted on rolls
  • prime excess/rejects: this is stocklot paper in UAE which is meant to be sold or supplied as prime quality but are rejected due to some reason
  • prime condition excess: The batch of stock lots which is in prime condition but needs to be sent back because the quantity is more than the amount required by the company buying it
  • surplus stock lot direct from mills: The amount of stock lot paper which is produced by mills but is not provided forward because the buyer’s needs have been met.

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