What our business does with Stock Lot varieties in UAE

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HKP Paper Solutions delivers the stock lot paper variety in Dubai to serve various business needs. It does not matter whether the size of your business is big or small, because the industrial scale of our processes helps us ensure we can serve the needs of buyers and sellers across the UAE or international organizations.

We deal in cut-size paper, which is the regular variety, copier paper, big format sheets, and also upon request, provide special packaging for the paper product as the client needs.

A multitude of products and materials are derived from stock lot paper all over the world. The cut-size variety is used in photocopying or for printing needs, and therefore needs to be compatible with most copiers and printer models. It is also perfect for use to place inside files for records maintenance, or envelopes to be exchanged.

Large format sheets that come off stock lots are usually printed on using special devices for the color to become permanent after it has been properly absorbed. These types of sheets will usually be used to produce posters or large banners, perfect for use on billboards and big walls.

Working with a number of industrial units in Dubai and across the world enables us to create and maintain a rapport with organizations which regularly either need stock lots for their products and services, or generate this variety of paper especially when they order it and the batches are in surplus. We collect the stock lots from multiple locations in Dubai; transport the material to our industrial sites, from where it is shipped to wherever it is needed.

Whether your business is one which regularly faces the problem of the produced batch of stock lots being rejected for a reason, or one which requires large or small quantities of stock lot paper at different times and locations, our business, in its functioning as a total paper solutions company can help you move forward.

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