Change The Way You Do Business And Communicate With Prime Paper In Dubai

HKP Paper Solutions is offering a high-quality product in the form of prime paper in Dubai, which comes in several qualities, designed for use all over the Emirates and internationally. Our warehouses and manufacturing facilities make use of the latest technology pertaining to the making of paper, using international standards as a guide.

For professionals whose careers require almost alternating between nothing but their phones and a newspaper for the earliest possible access to information, prime paper in Dubai can serve their printing, photocopying, archiving, storage and writing needs.

Quality characteristics of Prime Paper In Dubai

We have two brands, HKP, and Global One, coming in three different quality grades with a super clean surface for coloring to stay, printer ink to be prevented from fading, and suitable for photocopying use. The paper is tailored to withstand water droplets from a distance, as such it will not turn immediately soggy from minimal water contact like other low quality printing paper does. Our prime paper in Dubai, in addition to its smooth texture, has sharp corners which prevents the paper, or the overall document or binder the papers have been placed in from easily losing their edges to wear and tear. The paper will therefore stay in good shape even several times after the file, binder or whatever the nature of the pile of papers is, has been opened, closed and shared with other people.

Sectors in need of prime paper in Dubai:

It is not required anymore for a business to tour several different suppliers for different paper requirements. Prime Paper in Dubai just to help you derive your entire list of diverse needs from the same place and perhaps even from the same product. Here is a list of possible uses that can also be handled using our prime product:

  • Finishing paper for use in magazine pages
  • - Finishing paper for use in magazine pages: Because of the wide use of magazines in advertising high-end products and writing about high-end items to buy, magazines are not only read and bought widely by those seeking to establish a lifestyle, but also retained for there to be reading material on the lounge table. Because of the crucial need for presentation quality and impression, the paper ought to be of the best possible quality with a finish that feels good in the hand.
  • Promotional materials in hotels
  • Use in education centres for coursework that needs to printed and presented using prime paper in Dubai
  • By advertising agencies to display draft versions of write-ups of copy and ads

A4 Paper

We have fully automated state of the art paper converting unit for A4 paper.

We export & supply A4 paper with our own brands i.e "global one” and "HKP” from minimum to maximum quantity.

Product: A4 Paper

Brands Name : global one & HKP

Paper grade : 70gsm / 75gsm / 80gsm

Color: Bluish white

Packing: 500 A4 sheets are packed in one ream

01 box has 5 reams

Total 2500 A4 sheets in one box

Price: contact with your discharge port to quote you CFR price or advise your place to quote you DAP price.

Other than our own brands, we also export & supply A4 paper without brands or brands upon customer’s requirements.

HKP is confident to deliver impressive paper solutions & services to valued customers. Our A4 paper is highly suitable for black, white and color usage. Its ideal for every day copying, printing, faxing, and general office use.


HKP believes its A4 paper is highly comparable in quality & price with most leading brands in the market .

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