We Put Paper Used In UAE To Better Further Use

Used Papers in UAE

Efficient business practices require that a waste product that companies or services product is either disposed off in an environment friendly manner or be made part of a recycling process. Currently, very few companies are doing this with paper used in UAE, and we are one of them. We are into the collection and management of used paper, and rapport with local businesses and international suppliers to deal with used paper in compliance with globally implemented standards.

Our Network Of Establishments Handling Used Paper In UAE

We have an expertise in trading different grades of waste paper & board material internationally, which relies on our warehouses in Algeria and countries around the world. HKP makes its stock of used paper in UAE available from multiple cities and gets these to the international destinations, including supplying this to the UAE market. At this time, our shipments are en route India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Singapore, and the UAE.

We source the widespread amounts of used paper in UAE and this plays a part in helping us distribute top quality product within and outside the UAE. Our clients place their trust in us owing to the speed and reliability instilled in our business. Our foremost priority is to be as reachable as possible in the international market, and thereby expand out operations to across the globe, more so than they are currently.

Different Kinds Of Used Paper In UAE And How We Deal With These Batches Of Products

HKP solutions has multilateral operation structures with arms and warehouse sites across the world, that help make sure our business is up to the mark in dealing with the load. Apart from used paper in UAE, we are dealing in Kraft papers, which are used for packaging materials. We buy all types of Kraft paper including food and consumer goods paper sacks, paper grocery bags and envelopes. Our system provides a method of recycling any type of Kraft paper to be able to make a finished paper product.

The range of operations pertaining to used paper in UAE includes:

  • Clean waste baling & collection at our facilities using material gathered internationally.
  • Trading waste paper grades including OCC, NCC, POC, SOP, SWL, ONP, OINP, OMG, tissue paper, and textbooks.
  • Purchasing any quantity of waste paper material, books, newspapers, tissues, magazines and other such items falling
  • within the used paper in UAE category, and placing this stock at a local warehouse.
  • Collecting unused, printed or unprinted cardboard, food and drink cartons, boxes, or cardboard trimmings.

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