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Scrap Buyer in Dubai

HKP Paper Solutions is a complete destination for any organization or group looking for a diverse roster of new, used and waste paper products. We also buy and sell items related but different from paper itself, like tissue paper, which we supply and collect in used form. Our company is a scrap buyer in Dubai as well, and we work with schools and other such academic establishments to collect their paper scrap and supply it so it can be used further by either other industries or processed to make a finished product.

What We Do With Paper As A Scrap buyer In Dubai

Our collaboration with several organizations all over UAE as put us in the list of top scrap buyers in Dubai. The large scale of our operations means we have the ability to carry out a number of different operations, which pertain to different stages of the handling of scrap paper in the country. Firstly, we get in touch with our partners in Dubai to be able to collect scrap paper directly from them, including their offices or plants. In this way, we serve a number of establishments, which obviously need the extra room for storage or stocking purposes, which could be for inventory or other activities that require space at the office in question. Once we collect the scrap paper, this material is stored in our warehouses all over the world, which makes it easier for it to be supplied wherever it is needed across the globe. After the scrap is collected in the warehouse, we match these with requests for users of scrap paper all over UAE and the world, and then supply and ship the scrap in any quantity required.

Events And Organizations Possibly Interested In A Scrap Buyer In Dubai

Scrap is left over to be given to a scrap buyer in Dubai after:

  • School events for parents where a lot of the decoration has been done by students themselves
  • School farewell parties where most food items and gifts or their packaging is paper based and becomes unusable afterwards
  • Offices where a lot of printing is done and most leftover printing papers have already been printed using both sides, rendering the paper useless for the office in question and thereby creating the need for the scrap to be given to a scrap buyer in Dubai
  • Birthday parties where several decoration materials are made of paper, for example, buntings, chart papers

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