Prime and Finishing Paper

HKP is a large provider of prime quality of A4 office paper suitable for use in offices and academia. Our brand of A4 paper is sold all over Dubai under the name Global One. This is premium quality product with a smudge free surface and bluish white color, and is perfect for use in the office, with printing devices and in schools. Apart from this, we deal in a wide range of paper grades, which include but are not limited to the duplex and coated types, and wood free varieties. Among our products pertinent to the paper family are corrugating materials, paper and cardboards, and newsprint paper.

Tissue Paper

Our state of the art unit for the purposes of converting tissue paper makes use of the latest technological advances in paper processing to make the manufacturing and recycling chains compliant with pro-environment regulations all over the world. Using the latest technology also enables us to deliver our products and services to a large ensemble of clients and buyers all over the world, with the added bonus of prices that rival key players in the market. We stay in constant touch with a number of partners and buyers to make sure the services we provide our reliable and prompt even for large-scale needs.


Stock Lots

Alongside the cut-size variety, which follows the international specifications of the length and breadth dimensions, we provide copier paper, which is resistant to the spillage or spreading of copier ink. HKP also works with large format sheets, mainly meant to be sold to industrial houses looking to cut and shape these for sale. We can also provide a customized ream packaging to achieve compliance with your promotional and branding needs, if you are looking to sell products to make them part of the reach of your business.

Additionally, we carry out the sale and purchase of stock lots as well, which are large sheets of paper mounted on big rolls. For the needs of any business with an excess inventory of paper left over after a manufacturing process is finished, we can help you get rid of the excess stock by either buying the excess prime quality product batch, or the batch of products that has been rejected for use by quality compliance officials.

Plastic Raw Material

We also deal with non-paper ingredients and raw materials meant for use in industrial plants. We collect the plastic raw materials mostly utilized in industrial areas and residential neighborhoods, thereby helping to play a part in cutting down on the manufacture of plastic products from scratch, and increasing the frequency of recycling methods. Since plastic is made from crude oil as a base, this means our processes and work also contribute towards reducing the use of depleting resources.

Waste Paper

HKP also specializes in the exchange of many waste paper and cardboard grades. With stocking facilities in Algeria and the rest of the world, we carry out the rapid exchange of the stock we collect from locations all over the world and transfer them to the global paper marketplace, in addition to bringing these products to the national market. At this time, our shipments are on their way to India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Singapore and UAE.

Reach out to use if you are in search of a company, which can serve your needs by buying used, and waste paper items from you in any number. These items include among many others, used daily reading material including newspapers and magazines, or books and tissue paper waste.

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