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Dubai attraction for foreigners

Dubai has been an attractive market for the best talent all over the world. As the UAE expands and more and more expatriates move here, the number of industries and jobs available to sustain them must keep pace. Companies currently functioning must broaden their employee base so they can avail the fresh talent pool to be able to generate more revenue, become more efficient, and at the same time, be employee friendly, i.e. provide a high level of employee satisfaction.

The fact that recruitment specialists and HR departments are becoming more sought after with each passing day is a great testament to the fact that companies want to expand gradually, but definitely, using a streamlined process. There must not a number of employees who are there just to look over processes that overlap either with another department, or provide redundant services. This is due to the reason that a majority of businesses in UAE place a great deal of importance on efficiency and keeping up with international business norms and practices.

If you’re in search of a challenge

With high growth comes an increased demand for prominent workers in the industry dedicated to raising their profile and working hard enough to take their skills portfolio to another level. We are on the constant lookout for people who are geared towards making a significant contribution towards the overall growth of the company and give it a direction that will take it to the next level as an overall part of the respective sector.

If you feel like you could make a valuable addition to our business, do get in touch with Ammar, our head of HR, who is keen to help you ascertain which of your skills are relevant to our business, and what role you can play in the company’s future.

Freelance opportunities

The rapid growth of industries in Dubai has led to scenario where businesses even within the same sector are sprawling onto the scene. As such, companies are looking to hire a large number of people who understand their work well and can handle themselves, as in do not need regular supervision. This is what makes freelance workers important. Their experience makes them capable of guiding themselves, and the fact that they have usually worked for a number of companies means they are well equipped to understand the unique needs of a company and provide services accordingly. If you feel you have the aptitude and skills to work in a freelance capacity for us, please get in touch with us and share what you do best.

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