Global One Dubai High Quality Paper

Global One Dubai is top-notch brand of printing paper in the UAE made by HKP Solutions. We are one of the leading companies that manufacture A-grade printing paper, which is widely regarded for highness, therefore a great choice for nationals and travellers alike.

A foremost brand in the directory of Dubai listings, our product is stocked in stores all over the emirate with use in trading organizations and hard copies of publications.

Our company is in the business of using latest technologies to make use of wastes and converting this into a finished product, which is compliant with high standards globally and is carried by all major stores in Dubai.

Global One Paper UAE Users

Global One Paper UAE purchases means subscribing to a lifestyle of not just high quality, but also helping to spread information about the recommended increased use of reusable materials.

Global One Paper UAE has a super smooth surface and prim and cropped corners making it ideal for any department in a university, business, or government institution.

Technical details for industrial uses of our A4 white paper

  • Paper weight is 80 grams per square meter
  • Moisture specification is 4.8%
  • Brightness in PV terms is 87.6%
  • ISO color for the varying types (L,a,b) is 89.38, 1.97 and -10.30 respectively
  • Opacity is 93.2%
  • High variety smoothness is 82 and the same for the low variety is 74
  • Caliper measurement is 97
  • Tensile strength measured in Newton (N) for the MD type is 70, while the same for the CD type is 31
  • Breaking length for MD is 6028, and for CD is 2670
  • Burst pressure measured in KPA is 200, with burst factor clocking in at 25.8
  • The amount of ash is 13.8 (CaCO3)
  • Dirt in Nos/M2 terms is 12
  • Sizing penetration is 22 Sec

Why Chose Global One Paper Over Other Brands in UAE?

There are a number of business practices and trends that any business looking to excel in its specific industry or segment must follow. In the present day and age, in order to keep up with the pace of automation and the use of robots for repetitive process, business must recycle and reuse products as much as possible, incorporate efficient practices in their operations, and reduce the creation of waste by significant proportions. Buying Global One Paper in UAE means choosing a product that not only supports the high quality requirements you have, but also contributes a business that believes in corporate entities playing a role to reduce wasteful practices.

  • We are eager about building a relationship of trust and reliability with people who buy our products.
  • Best product for people working for websites or in a technical field, which reportedly requires presentation quality to be high
  • Top choice for those who cannot compromise on any aspect of their submissions or work, thereby choosing Global One Paper for their printing and photocopy needs.
  • If your field means shoddy presentation or second-tier products will not do justice to the hard work you have put into your scholarly research or compilation projects, Global One Paper is for you.
  • We are offering 30% discount on every pre-order of (0) box with free shipping. This amazing offer is valid till the end of the year, so reach out to us for your orders whatever your needs!
  • Top companies and organizations with bulky needs and a penchant for consistent product quality make use of Global One Paper UAE, which proves great for printing and photocopying both.

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