We’ve Got You Covered If You’re Looking For Tissue Paper In Dubai

The citizens of UAE are obviously very hygiene conscious and prioritize cleanliness, whether it be in their own homes or on public property, like malls and roads. Not only is cleanliness important for Dubai to continue to attract tourists and talented workers from abroad, it is also appreciated in religious texts. Naturally, this means demand for tissue paper in Dubai is high.

But paper tissue in UAE must serve more than one purpose if it is to be used by a majority of the public. It must be rigid and durable, meaning it should not tear or lose its shape easily. Secondly, the packaging must be versatile enough for the box to be used in several different environments, which may include the office, a home, a public gathering place or a restaurant. Since Dubai is becoming more and more environment conscious, the manufacturers or suppliers should employ sustainable practices too.

This is Where Al Karam Tissue in Dubai Comes in

Fulfilling all the requirements mentioned before, and finding an exterior that is suitable in multiple conditions and looks beautiful in the drawing room, or on the table you’re working on could become a tough find. But not anymore. Soon, HKP Paper Solutions is launching Al Karam Tissue in Dubai, which can fulfill all of these needs, so that Dubai residents can feel one brand takes care of everything they need from their tissue paper.

Much like Al Karam Paper is multipurpose and serves several customer printing needs, including being perfect for use with accessories or for labeling, our tissue paper is what you need whether you’ve spilt something on our clothing, or for tables at a wedding.

Why Should You Use Al Karam Tissue in Dubai?

Al Karam Tissue Paper Dubai is a tough and versatile variety of tissue, guaranteed to be able to cater to a number of needs. Lower quality tissue paper in Dubai, which is often used to save on costs and bought in bulk, runs the risk of several issues that will make the utility of the tissue suffer, and make its use problematic. This type of tissue will crumble fairly easily even with light amounts of moisture, and the single ply or double ply but bad quality tissue will not be able to absorb moisture and wet materials as well as it should. Al Karam Tissue carries a high standard of quality, which makes it suitable for various needs:

Al Karam Tissue Paper Dubai is tough and versatile, therefore suitable for various needs:

  • Our products department is also currently giving a promotion on soon to be launched brands
  • Cleaning household tools
  • Use in schools in any department
  • Al Karam tissue paper Dubai is perfect for use by those in the hospital under treatment

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