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Six years ago HKP started with importing and exporting waste paper materials. Over the years the company expanded its services and product line to incorporate the growing demands of the market. We included tissue paper, prime finishing paper products, stock lots, and tissue paper raw material in our product range gradually. Now HKP is successfully selling its products worldwide with its impressive solutions and services.

From its headquarter in Dubai, UAE, HKP coordinates & controls the activities of its foreign offices and warehouse. The company's daily business includes the creation of value based on a profound sense of respect for the world we live in. HKP's responsibility is an essential tool for promoting long-lasting and respectful development of environmental equilibrium and people's needs, today and in the future.

  • HKP hires the best personnel who are committed to achieve great results at all times. Our staff is equipped with latest manufacturing equipment in the markets that enables them to operate at their full potential. The are highly skilled, and are our biggest assets who have been our greatest pillars of support.


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