HKP Paper Solutions Is A Prime Office Supplier in UAE Especially For Corporate Ventures

As a relied upon office supplier in UAE, HKP Paper Solutions has a multitude of paper products that combine quality with the best prices. Our paper punches easily and works well with a range of other office products used with paper, including laminators, shredders, binding machines and decorative materials. Its smooth surface ensures it stores well when cleaning is taking place especially around secluded areas like desktops, furniture, cabinets or electronic appliances. This means dirt can be brushed away easily. The high quality of paper and standard size helps make sure the paper can be folded and exchanged in envelopes, and that it does not create a problem when the paper is used with certain cartridges and there is no smudging when coloring.

The Range Of Organizations That Can Use Our Services As Their Office Supplier For UAE

We provide premium paper solutions to offices, academic places, shops, banks, traders and other institutions. This is obviously a diverse set of needs, and as a large company dedicated solely to satisfying the numerous paper products needs of the country, particularly those for an office supplier UAE, we pride ourselves on our complete range of paper solutions. Apart from the places aforementioned, other industries including restaurants also benefit from our products, such as our tissue paper product.

HKP Paper Dubai Supplies A4 Office Paper And Several Paper Grades

HKP Paper Dubai has a range of paper products including the brand Global One paper, along with other paper materials used in several sectors all over the UAE. These paper products and grades include:

  • Duplex grade: Much higher quality than regular paper, meant for special uses in offices and academic places, and perfect for special and industrial paper uses as well, owing to the tough and durable nature of the product.
  • Coated surface paper: This variety of standard size paper presents a number of advantages for regular use. Its coated surface means even though for ink and writing to stay, more permanent items should be used to write and label, the paper makes sure the absorption of liquids and moisture is as minimal as possible, helping especially with special needs and in places where there is a high susceptibility to spills and other liquid falling.
  • Wood-free paper
  • Boards that are solid and durable
  • HKP Paper Dubai also provides Newsprint paper
  • Uncoated surface paper
  • Paper used for packaging
  • Corrugating surface paper

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To keep Dubai clean & environmental friendly, we also collect various types of recyclable paper waste like empty cartons, old or over issued newspapers, magazines, books etc which we collect from supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, schools, canteens, mosques, residential buildings, shopping malls, factory, warehouses, printing press and government departments etc and stock in local warehouse.

we have well equipped team with a wide fleet of canters and other vehicles to collect paper waste any where within uae. House Kraft Paper LLC invites you to contribute your any kind of paper waste material to recycle it in order to keep UAE clean & environmental friendly.HKP is also engaged in International trading of various grades of paper & boards waste.

Having growing set up based in Dubai, UAE and branch office & state of the art warehouse fascility in Algeria, we are capable to export our stock from multiple origin to International market as well as to local market. Our clean waste bales of waste paper grades ie OCC, NCC, POC, SOP, SWL, ONP, OINP, OMG, TISSUE PAPER, TEXT BOOKS are being exported to India, Indonesia, Tunisia, Singapore, UAE etc

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